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In the episode where Homer becomes a missionary (Missionary Impossible), he opens a casino. What was it called?

The Lucky Savage
The Winning Crab


In the episode where German's are planning to buy the Nuclear Plant (Burns Verkaufen Kraftwerk), where does Homer see himself in his day dream?

The Land of Chocolate
The Land of Beer
The Land of Pretzels
The Land of Schnitchel


In the episode where Ned loses his house in a hurricane (Hurricane Neddy), he says he has done everything the bible told him to do, even:

The stuff that contradicts the other stuff
Rescuing 2 of every animal
Refraining from relations with other men
The sacrifices


What's the secret ingredient of a Flaming Moe?

Pickle juice
Children's cough syrup
Rubbing alcohol


In the second Halloween episode (Treehouse of Horror II), how do Kang and Kodos predict the human race will destroy themselves?

Too many cheese doodles
With a really big board with a really big nail in it
Blind faith in the government


In the espisode where the Simpson's end up on a cargo train telling stories (Simpsons Tall Tales), the hobo they meet says he's not what?

A urinating hobo
A grifting hobo
A deviant hobo
A stabbing hobo


In the episode where the Simpson's go to a magic-themed restaurant (The Great Money Caper), Ned lists the black arts as magic, fortune-telling and...

Rock and Roll
Oriental cooking


What is the slogan on Mayor Quimby's seal?

Corruptus In Extremis
Dewey Cheatum N How
Payus Monis Now
Taket Allet Forme


In the epsiode where Lisa dates Ralph (I Love Lisa), radio station KBBL plays what song in honor of Presidents' Day?

Winter Wonderland
Monster Mash
Auld Lang Syne
Happy Birthday


In the episode where Bart gets caught shoplifting (Marge Be Not Proud), Detective Brodka says if he wanted smoke blown up his butt, he'd be where?

On his chimney
At a barbecue
At home with cigarettes and a short length of hose
At the Republican National Convention


In the episode where Apu lives wth the Simpsons (Homer and Apu), Kent Brockman refers to an expose on nursing homes called what?

The Toothless Redemption
Geezers in Freezers
Wheelchairs from Hell
The Old an the Restless


In the episode where Homer goes into space (Deep Space Homer), Barney is run over by a truck filled with what?



In the song "See My Vest" from the episode Two Dozen and One Greyhounds, which of the following does Mr. Burns NOT say he has clothes made from?

Gorilla Chest
Vampire Bat
Albino African Endangered Rhino
Bald Eagle


When Homer tries to become obese so he doesn't have to go to work (King-Size Homer), what does he eat to gain the last pound he needs?

A donut made of clay
A mud pie
The Sunday paper


What is Homer's favorite song from Moe's jukebox (from the Fear of Flying episode)?

It's Raining Men
In the Navy
My Heart Will Go On (Titanic theme song)
The Electric Slide

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